Kuhio Day Parade

Kuhio Day Parade

Date Chartered: June 17, 1964
Founded by Lili'uokalani Kawananakoa Morris

Pua - Flower: Purple and white Waioleka - Hawaiian Violet
(Purple crown flower substitute)

Hae - Color: Purple and White

Makia - Motto: Ka Lani Ana 'Ole - Heaven of Boundless Limits

Mele - Song: Wai'alae

Mission and Vision

Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalaniana'ole formed the first Hawaiian civic club in 1918 to stimulate civic efforts and education within the Hawaiian community and promote Hawaiian culture.

Preservation and perpetuation of Hawaiian values, culture and education are at the core of the mission and vision of the Prince Kūhiō Hawaiian Civic Club.

History of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs